Create a positive atmosphere.

Just the right amount of ambient noise to boost your workday, on-demand.

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  • Stay focused

    Block out distracting noises in your surroundings.

  • Improve productivity

    Set up a better workspace, whether you're at home or in the office.

  • Relax

    Mix the sounds of nature, or enjoy so-called "ASMR sounds".

BONUS: Vibes software is an ambient noise generator for Windows that lets you create a personalized sound environment for relaxing or working. Originally priced at $14.99, the software is available for free download from your membership area.


Various sound options

Create a multitude of soundscapes for different situations, like working, reading, sleeping etc. Blend additional features to generate the perfect mix.

The premium content includes

With the help of these three different web-based apps, stay focused, increase productivity or reduce anxiety by creating your own unique stress-free environment.

Premium sound options

Ambient coffee shop sounds to stay
focused at work.

Generator of positive sounds

Create a tranquil environment for
pleasant relaxation.

Advanced rain simulator

Let the rain sing you a lullaby and enjoy
a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere.



Thank you, Hipster Sound, for making me feel like I know all the cool places to hang out even when it's just me alone in my home office.
Amanda Kooser
Freelance Tech Writer
Next time you want to log some hours on your screenplay, remember: You might physically be at a drip joint in Seattle, but sonically you could be in a corner cafe in Paris.
Andrew LaSane
Culture Writer / Editor
If you love the idea of working amongst your hipster peers, but are less warm on the idea of having to change out of pajamas in the morning, this site is for you.
Andrew Liszewski
... ambient coffee shop noises to help anyone used to working in a coffee shop stay focused and help productivity.
Glen Tickle
Writer, Comedian

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