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Informal atmosphere of a cafe has a positive influence on your creativity? You can experience the relaxing feel of a cozy cafe from home and still enjoy a productivity push. Just the right amount of ambient noise to boost your workday, on-demand.
According to recent research, a moderate ambient noise improves creativity by prompting abstract thinking. With the help of our premium web-based apps, stay focused, increase productivity or just relax by creating your own unique stress-free ambience.

What the press says about us

Thank you, Hipster Sound, for making me feel like I know all the cool places to hang out even when it's just me alone in my home office.

... the website gives users the ability to blend additional features to create the perfect mix.

If you’re finding it difficult to concentrate at work, let ‘Hipster Sound’ help you refocus your energy and thoughts.

A coffee shop isn’t the only white noise option, though. You can also choose a quaint Parisian cafe, or a quiet bistro if you prefer, and additional options include introducing the sounds of rain outside, a crackling fireplace nearby, or even a piano player off in the distance.

Ambient coffee shop noises to help anyone used to working in a coffee shop stay focused.

The premium content includes:

Premium sound options

Ambient coffee shop sounds to stay focused at work.

Generator of positive sounds

Create a tranquil environment for pleasant relaxation.

Advanced rain simulator

Let the rain sing you a lullaby and enjoy a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere.

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